Cocoatype, LLC

Cocoatype is an app development company owned and operated by indie developer Geoff Pado. Cocoatype publishes a number of iOS and Mac apps, and also a single Windows app for some reason.

This page isn’t really meant to be visited directly. It’s more a place to you might end up at out of curiosity, or be driven to by Google. Maybe you found it in a social media bio somewhere. It’s really just a collection of links to more interesting pages. With that in mind, let’s get to it:

Apps by Cocoatype

Kineo is a tool to make hand-drawn flipbook-style animations.

Black Highlighter makes it easy to hide secret information you don’t want to share in images you’re going to share anyway.

Scrawl is a place to put temporary notes. Once your notes are in Scrawl, they’re easy to access everywhere: your lock screen, your home screen, your Mac, and more.

Debigulator shrinks images so that you can share them faster across bad internet connections.

Online Presence

You can watch live-streaming of work on the Cocoatype apps on Twitch. Streams happen Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:00pm Pacific.

Like all good #brands, Cocoatype has a Twitter account. It’s Geoff’s old personal account, and posted to rarely, but a good way to get in contact.

Speaking of getting in contact, there’s always the old standard of e-mail. Reach out to with any questions, comments, press inquiries, etc.