Kineo 1.2

iPhone animation for the less-than-serious.

The ultimate waiting room, classroom, or meeting room application, Kineo lets you create dazzling animations on your iPhone or iPod touch! With just a flick of your finger, a twist of your wrist, and a little help from Kineo, you can let your creativity flow.

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Proximity 1.0

Wake up on time -- without setting the time.

Proximity is a location-based alarm that allows you to set where you want to wake up, as opposed to when. Even those of us that don't have a daily commute have experienced issues with public transportation. Whether it's running too early (ha!) or too late, it's never quite on time. Hardly something you can set your watch to, so why set an alarm to it? Proximity lets you set your alarm for your destination, not the time you'll get there, so even if your bus is running a little bit late, you won't miss your stop.

Simply find your stop on the map, drop a pin, and you're on your way! Even if you fall asleep, Proximity will wake you up when you reach your destination.

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Blitz 1.1.1

Your life on the Mac just got a whole lot faster.

Blitz is for people who use software with big needs. When your Mac is clogged with lots of extra processes, the amount of power it can give to any one program is lessened. Running an intensive process like a Photoshop filter or 3D render can be sped up with Blitz.

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